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Web3 Calendar keeps you up to date on current and upcoming Crypto, NFT, Metaverse, and other Web3 events around the world.

MetaWeb3.tech is an online media site and Web3 Calendar that covers news, opinions, events, trends, and informative articles about Fintech, Digital Assets, Blockchain Technology, Decentralized Finance (Defi), Decentralized Apps (DApps), Metaverse, P2E Games, and other related technologies. Our dedicated and motivated multinational team is here to create high-quality content with zeal.

We believe that the decentralized world will continue to grow exponentially, eventually becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Every day, we strive to educate our readers through articles, news and Web3 Calendar and increase their understanding of the complexities and benefits of today’s digital revolution. MetaWeb3’s readership is made up of a small group of in-the-know market experts and high-net-worth individuals, and it is rapidly growing month after month, with created content becoming more prominent in the finance, tech, and crypto worlds. Our financial markets coverage is solely focused on the news that professionals need to know in order to spot critical trends, obtain a more comprehensive and informed picture of the business environment, and stay on top of significant developments.

Why MetaWeb3.Tech’s Web3 Calendar 

MetaWeb3 Web3 Calendar includes a number of advanced features that make it simple to use and gives it an advantage over its competitors. To begin, here are some of its features listed.

  1. Web3 Calendar includes advanced search features that make it simple for Web3 enthusiasts to find the best ongoing and upcoming events. The calendar could be searched for the best Web3 events using the start date or the event name.Web3 Calendar Search
  2. View Events as List, Months, and Day: Another important feature allows users to easily display web3 events based on their preference of viewing as List, by Month, or by Day.
    Web3 Calendar
  3. Web3 Calendar resembles a regular calendar but contains only web3 events covering NFT, Crypto, Metaverse, DApp, DeFi, and much more.
    Web3 Calendar Month View
  4. Google Calendar and Google Map Synchronization: Web3 Calendar’s most popular feature is Google Calendar and Google Map Synchronization, which allows users to add their favorite events to their Google Calendar. This means that users will now receive notifications from Google as the dates of the newly added event approach. Also, the users could add the venue of the event on their Google Map making is easier for them to navigate to the event venue.
    Web3 Calendar Google Calendar Integration
  5. Internal Page For Every Web3 Event: The calendar also has a dedicated internal page with all of the event’s other important details, such as the venue, time, host, organization organizing the event, and much more. Furthermore, if multiple events occur on the same date, all of the events may be displayed on the same date, regardless of the number of events occurring on the same date.
    Web3 Calendar Internal PageMetaWeb3 is focusing on its core mission of educating the next generation about what Web3 is and how they can participate in this new revolution. The development team is working around the clock to make the Web3 Calendar the most advanced, with many other features.

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